Luxury Watch

Luxury BAGS


Gold validation and authentication workshop

Gold validation and authentication workshop is to learn about gold authentication technique in the market. The purpose of this workshop is to prevention of receiving imitation products and how to validation a genuine gold in the market.

luxury watch identification workshop

Luxury watch identification workshop is to learn more about watch identification and evaluation technique in the market with the purpose of  prevention in receiving imitation products and how to evaluate the watches in the market. 

Diamond authentication workshop

Diamond authentication workshop is a 1 day training workshop to learn more about diamond authentication technique and how to evaluate diamonds in the market. Few technology device will be teach in the workshop. The workshop is conducted by a professional trader in the market and certified GIA gemologist.

Luxury bags identification workshop

3 days training workshop specially to learn more about luxury bags (LV, Gucci, Prada etc.) authentication technique. There will be few product samples provided in this workshop for participants hands on and practical used to identify and differentiate genuine and imitation of the branded bag. 

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