RM 8,600.00

Alfa Mirage Precious Metal Tester GKS-3000



Quickly, easily and accurately determine the purity of gold, platinum, silver and white gold by two weighings (by measuring the specific gravity): one with the piece in a water tank, the other normally. An internal computer does all the calculations for you. Only works for solid metal pieces without set stones. No acid, needles, or test stones needed. Leaves no scratches or stains on your gold after measurements. Wide karat range from 9 to 24K. Also functions as a normal gram scale


Gold (Lo, K9, 10-24), platinum (Lo, Pt600-1000), silver, white gold, purity percentage and density

Power supply: 110-230V

Measuring range: 0.01-3000g/Min weight: 10g

Purity % is displayed at the same time with purity K(PT)

Easy viewing with VFD display

Selectable measuring time (5 modes)

Calculative error tolerance value can be shown (SG)

Wind shield (optional)

Bigger water tank and sensor

1 year factory warranty

Made in Japan

Product Dimension and Weight

Product Dimension and Weight

Shipping Info

Shipping Info