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Ultimate Precious Metal Verifier In The Market

General Details

Precious Metal Verifier, or to be know as PMV, is an ultimate device that uses electronic technology to measure the metal samples. The PMV is designed to detect fraudulent precious metals in the gold or silver related industry. PMV not only can detect the gold elements, but also intended to test silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium.

Metals that can be measured include pure gold, 22-karat gold (.9167 fine), 90 percent gold, American Eagle gold, .9999 silver, .999 silver, .900 fine Morgan and Peace silver dollars, other 90 percent silver items, .925 fine sterling silver and Britannia silver (.9584 fine).

Rarer materials such as platinum, palladium and rhodium are also included in the standard measurements. Compared with others gold testing device in the market, PMV is more worth since PMV can test more precious metal elements.

PMV is not involved any toxic chemeicals during the testing. It can read through Numismatic Cases, or test coins loose or in bags. Now you only need put your precious metal samples on the gauge and get the fast results. PMV prevent the fake gold and silver, protecting your investment. PMV is highly recommended for gold or silver bullion, bar and coins testing.


The main aim of the Precious Metal Verifier is to protect your investment. This is because Precious Metal Verifier can give an accurate and fast measurements, it helps to save your time in doing lab testing, and reliable results helps you to identified the fake or non purity precios metals.

The Precious Metal Verifier also can test various kind of precious metals such as silver, gold, platinium, palladium and rhodium. It is more worth compared to other device in the market. The relatively small and portable design of the Precious Metal Verifier enable you to carry around everywhere, anytime to assist you and is user friendly with simple operation.

The Precious Metal Verifier is strongly recommended for testing precious metals, gold or silver coins and bullion. As mentioned in earlier, the Precios Metal Verifier is used electronic technology, hence is it safe for used and no more dangerous and poison acid testing in laboratory.

Key Features

  • Portable. Compact size enable you to carry and conducting your testing everywhere, anytime.
  • Ultra accuracy. Reliable testing result.
  • Safety. No more dangerous and poison acid required during the process.
  • Fast results. Obtained results immediately in digital format.
  • User friendly. It is easy to use and operation.

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