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Simple and Fast Gold Purity Tester In Market

General Details

Gemoro Auracle AGT is a portable device that able to know the present percentage karat value of gold from 6K to 24K and platinum in digital format on LCD display. Gemoro Auracle AGT is able to get result immediately without messy gel and dangerous acid compare to the ultrasonic device. Gemoro Auracle product series contain AGT 1, AGT 2 and AGT 3. Currently Gemoro Auracle AGT 3 is a ultimate gold testing device compare to AGT 1 and AGT 2. Gemoro Auracle AGT 1 has the same feature with Gemoro Auracle AGT 3, but Gemoro Auracle AGT 1 display its results in analog format. Gemoro AGT 2 is designed specially for mobile apps user with IOS version and Andriod version. The apps function as a result display. So far, the Gemoro Auracle AGT 3 is more popular and welcomed by many of the gold testing industry. Gemore Auracle AGT is more recommended for testing the gold chain or jewellery.


There are varios benefit of Gemoro Auracle AGT such as portable, no dangerous toxic chemical required and fast results. However, one of the biggest value of the Gemoro Auracle AGT is it enable part to part testing. The testing probe enable the user to test any part of the gold chain or jewellery. This is very usefull for gold chain testing because some part of the chain or jewellery may make by fake gold or a chromium plate. Watch the video beside to find out more about the testing technique.

Key Features

  • Portable. Compact size enable you to carry and conducting your testing everywhere, anytime.
  • Ultra accuracy. Reliable testing result.
  • Safety. No more dangerous and poison acid required during the process.
  • Fast results. Obtained results immediately in digital format.
  • User friendly. It is easy to use and operation.

Product Video